Robbers Break Into Prison to Steal a TV

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Most sane people, like you and me, do all we can to avoid prison. Not these idiots in New Zealand though, they broke into prison to steal a 50-inch plasma TV. The numbnuts set some drapes in an administrative building afire and that's when police realized the New Plymouth Prison, a minimum to high security prison, had been broken into. The only thing the police found missing was the TV, guess the robbers, who took away on foot, didn't want to bother with the bolted down furniture and prison garb. []


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Platypus Man

Don't know if I'd call them idiots... They got away with a TV. I mean, not to say that stealing is necessarily smart or that breaking into a prison for a TV doesn't take balls, but they got away. I certainly wouldn't call them idiots.

At least not until they get caught.