Robert Rodriguez Needs Your Help Finishing His Movie About Hot, Kick-Ass Ice Cream Scoopers

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Robert Rodriguez, multi-talented horror/action movie auteur is announcing his latest collaboration: Project Green Screen. In partnership with BlackBerry® Z10, Rodriguez is putting the finishing touches on his new short film. Seems like a normal, not-newsworthy thing for a filmmaker to do, right? Wrong! He's actually asking his fans to create these finishing touches, because he's innovative like that.

Come again?

In a nutshell, he's asking people to contribute several elements of Two Scoops, about Lola and Lucia, a pair of highly attractive monster-fighting super-agents/tutti-frutti-wig-rocking ice cream impresarios. Rodriguez and his team shot everything up front against a green screen and will cut in the fan-created elements in post-production.


First up? Act 1. Rodriguez needs someone to play the part of Lola and Lucia's agent/handler.

Here's how you can potentially star in Robert Rodriguez's new movie

Get the script and full submission guidelines here. This is also where you'll upload your submission — and get a look at your competition. While you're at it, send us the link, too, by midnight ET on March 24 (to enter [at] gizmodo.com with "Two Scoops video submission" as your subject line). We'll choose the ones we love best to feature in a video roundup here on Gizmodo.

So get creative and be a part of a legit Hollywood film (think of the IMDB profile implications...). And if acting/filmmaking isn't your thing, don't sweat it — there are a bunch of other ways to participate. You can upload a photo and enter to become one of the "missing townsfolk" in posters seen throughout the film. Or you can wait for Acts 2 and 3 and invent a monster-slaying weapon and/or the monster itself (more to come on these Acts as they unfold).


You have until April 3 to get your video together for Robert Rodriguez. Let the man himself inspire you.