Robert Rodriguez' Shorts Raises The Bar For Kids Movies

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The latest trailer for Shorts feels like a mash up of Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids and Eerie Indiana, which is pretty perfect. We need more kiddie flicks where the characters are dealt with like clever people... but you know, smaller.

Shorts takes place in a private town where a little kid stumbles across a rainbow rock that makes dreams come true. I actually think this film looks cute and is a welcome step away from movies aimed at kids that are all flash and no wit.

Plus, James Spader is playing the evil corporate guy, and I've loved him since he was a smarmy rich kid always putting down the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Shorts, which comes out August 7th, looks like a lot of fun and I hope it challenges other writers (Rodriguez also wrote this script) to think past "Hey let's make talking guinea pigs and chipmunks."


[via Nickelodeon]