RoboCup Soccer Finalists Flop Even More Than Their World Cup Counterparts

In the recent finals of the world's most prestigious tiny robot soccer tournament, the Darmstadt Dribblers housed the FUmanoids 7-1. Here's the (mercifully) sped-up video of the match, complete with theatrics I haven't seen since I last watched Italy play.


The two finalists were both German teams, which might explain the stiffness. And the game itself was actually a rematch between last year's finalists, also resoundingly lost by the FUmanoids (11-1). Impressive engineering and all that (except for all the falling down). But when is the US finally going to have a competitive tiny robot soccer program of its own? [Plastic Pals via CrunchGear]



Darmstadt! WOOT!

i hadn't actually realized that robotics is good enough to have two teams of humanoid robots play a team sport like that.

i should though considering how often i passed the place where (i think) they were built