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RoboGames 2010: The Greatest Hits, Literally

Illustration for article titled RoboGames 2010: The Greatest Hits, Literally

Here is an excellent video of the best smashes, spins, and spark-ups from this year's RoboGames, recorded at 300fps with a Casio Exilim EX-F1. It's like Planet Earth, but instead of funky little bugs it's funky little battle bots. [Make]


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t('-'t)....The Unpronounceable (KTope)

I didn't know these events were still being held. I remember when Battlebots became popular in my adolesence, then every damn channel had their own version.

That is, until some jackass made a diamond plate covered ramp on wheels and called it a battlebot. Everyone laughed at the design before the battle started, as it had no weapons at all. The battle started, the opposing bot charged straight for it with whatever menacing weapon it was equipped with at full speed. Just when the audience was expecting the little ramp-bot to be torn to shreds, it drove under the opposing bot, launching it maybe a foot in the air. This continued 2-3 more times before the other bot had a critical failure from repeated short drops. Needless to say, this ingenius loophole led to the most boring battle I can recall.

Almost overnight, tons of ramp-bots filled the battle rosters. When they didn't win by breaking the other robot, they won on scoring because the other bots couldn't get a solid hit on them before being driven under.

Battlebot shows died off one-by-one shortly thereafter. Nobody wanted to watch motorized ramps whoop the dogshit out of much cooler and technically superior opponents.