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Robotic Roach Fools Real Ones, Teaches Them To Party Down

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Europe, the same continent that produced conquistadors and the Inquisition, has now produced robotic cockroaches that scientists hope will influence cockroach societies everywhere. The scientists call the robotic roach an "Insbot" and it's nothing more than a tiny robot the size of a matchbox that's just oozing pheremones, causing the real roaches to accept it as one of their own. Complex mathematical models direct the robot's movement and behavior, as seen in this video.

Did this bold experiment succeed on any level? It seems the Insbot is able to convince the other roaches to walk towards the light, whereas roaches are normally deathly afraid of bright light. The scientists hope to develop more robots for other animals that employ a similar social intelligence. Maybe they can develop robotic roaches that teaches real roaches to get out of my basement.


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