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Rock Band Ottoman Stores Your Controllers, Stifles Your Dreams

Illustration for article titled Rock Band Ottoman Stores Your Controllers, Stifles Your Dreams

Rock Band is just about perfect until you're done playing, look around, and realize your living room is full of Playskool toys and you can't actually play guitar. This ottoman solves one of those problems.


The AK Rock Box Gaming and Storage Ottoman is a pretty standard pleather ottoman that's big enough to house a complete band's worth of Rock Band equipment, but the really neat feature that's not so easily replicated is that an integrated drum lift can raise and lower your drums with a simple one-handed motion.

Priced around $185, the ottoman is available now from Amazon with free shipping. But you could always go the Kiss fan route and pick up an overpriced coffin airbrushed with the antic tongue of Gene Simmons instead. [Amazon via Kotaku]


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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

This would be great other than the fact that the drums I have don't fold up. Well, that and the fact that it's ugly.