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Rockbox Replacement MP3 Player Firmware Gets Updated

Illustration for article titled Rockbox Replacement MP3 Player Firmware Gets Updated

Remember Rockbox? Back when MP3 players couldn't do a whole lot more than play MP3s, Rockbox was there to add Gameboy emulators, additional codecs and other homebrew features. And if you're still holding on to an older player, the new version 3.0 now supports a whole lot more of them for squeezing a few more months of life out before you cave. It also now comes with a handy bundled installer. Thrift on. [Rockbox via Lifehacker]


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I don't see an iPod Classic download. Has anyone tried this yet? Is it cool/worth it etc.? I've never heard of it!! Crazy, interested in trying it out on my iPod Classic 160, but no download option for that model, on 60-80GB video versions.

Anyone? Anyone? ok.....Bueler? (There, I said it)