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Rocket Fishing Rod: If You're Too Lazy to Fish Properly

Illustration for article titled Rocket Fishing Rod: If Youre Too Lazy to Fish Properly

Fishing is supposed to be relaxing, dammit. Sure, sitting on a boat in the sun drinking beer with your buddies is relaxing, but what about the whole casting motion? You call that relaxing?! I need to actually move my arm and exert some energy, which I am not a fan of. What I need is this Rocket Fishing Rod, which launches the hook, line, and float via a handheld compression unit.


Now all I need is a way to get that Bud tallboy to my lips without moving my arm and I can really relax. Boy howdy!

Product Page [via Red Ferret]

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WTH?? Why make a rocket fishing rod when you still have to reel in the fish?!

What we really need is a robot to go out and catch fish for us while we sit and drink beer.