Roger Rabbit VFX Video Shows How Masterful Bob Hoskins' Acting Was

We were saddened to learn that Who Framed Roger Rabbit? star Bob Hoskins passed away last night, and this video shows just how game an actor Hoskins was—turning himself into a human cartoon as he acted against a blue screen.

This before and after VFX reel really shows off Hoskins—as private investigator Eddie Valiant—miming and reminds us that, while the rest of us got to see his scenes composited with animation, he had to bring a lot of his own imagination and physical comedy to the film. You will be missed greatly, Mr. Hoskins.


[via Geeks of Doom]



Is Roger Rabbit as appreciated as it should be? Because even if we overlook that the "big two" agreed to have their major characters in the same movie (Mickey Mouse AND Bugs Bunny? Be still my heart), it was highly entertaining no matter what your age.

As a kid I loved it (especially the duelling duck pianos!) and a lot of the jokes went over my head. I watched it as an adult and got so many more jokes (pattycake is sex!) and just how much of a over-the-top pneumatic fantasy Jessica Rabbit is. Plus, how the movie is actually quite dark and scary. The Dip! Judge Doom!

And don't forget, if you laugh too hard you'll laugh yourself to death!