RollerTops Give Businessmen a Portable Laptop Tray, Ensure Trip is Only Business not Pleasure

If you travel at least a little bit for work, you'll be interested in this RollerTop tray for your carry-on bag. It's a stand that hooks to the top of the handle on your roller bag, which folds out to give you a "stable" platform to put your laptop on. This way you can be checking email or surfing the net even when you're waiting in line to board.


Of course, you could do that with a smartphone, but what smartphone has a 13-inch screen? Best of all, when your bag tips over and your laptop gets smashed to bits, you'll still have a nice platform to put your elbows on while you're sobbing.

Product Page [Roller Tops]

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I bought one and it works great. It balances well as it sits in the center of gravity of the bag, on top of the handle. It is also customizable if you need to adjust it a bit for better balance. It was rather difficult to setup the first time, but once I learned I can now set it up in seconds. I use it with my carry on roller briefcase and not with a laptop roller case, as advertised in their site. It works great while sitting down and even standing up in line at the SouthWest check in gate. Dont leave it unnatended, as someone might knock it down.