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Roomba Shaming. This Is a Thing, Right?

Illustration for article titled Roomba Shaming. This Is a Thing, Right?

Roomba has some problems with the apartment. Roomba does not like my dining room table. Roomba has trouble with the Swiffer, which he (?) mounts and then cannot free himself from—like a copulating wolf. (Wolves do that, right?)


Today Roomba must have cleaned up a puddle of bourbon (it happens), because he's having some trouble driving home. This'll teach him.

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I used to have my roomba on a schedule until I got a cat. Ever have your roomba run over a hairball or a turd when your cat decides to "stink outside the box?" Yeah pretty much the most horrific thing ever. These bots definitely need a "smearing shit all over the floor" sensor.

Now, my Roomba has greatly upgraded internals and it only runs when I push the button.