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We've seen some tough notebooks before, but this Augmentix XTG, which is actually a ruggedized Dell Latitude ATG630e, wins the prize for ruggetude. Noah Shachtman from Danger Room took this monster out into the field—in Iraq of all places—for some real-world battle testing, and calls its hefty "Armored Protection System" overkill even for that harsh environment.

You see, in Iraq, most of the guys in uniform already have to schlep around 40, 50, 60 pounds worth of armor, ammo, helmet and radios. So they want their laptops to be as light as possible—not the other way around. Plus, they're not whipping out their notebooks in the middle of a firefight; they're using 'em back on the patrol base. So there's no real need for so much reinforcement. I felt kind of silly hauling such a beast around.


Victimized by crumbling, shattering and breaking laptops in the past, Shachtman is a big fan of this Augmentix XTG, despite its considerable size. And hey, on the battlefield, if he runs out of bullets, he can always throw this bulky beast at the enemy. Good luck with that, Noah. [Danger Room]

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