Ruin the Olympics by Inserting Tech Where It Doesn't Belong

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The Olympics end this weekend. Have you been watching? Personally, I had trouble getting into them. Maybe it's because there was a general lack of tech in most of the events (except for those gymnastics girls, who I'm pretty sure are all robots). Time to change that! For this week's Photoshop Contests, I want you to ruin the Olympic Games by inserting technology and gadgets where they really don't belong. I'll leave "ruining" open to your interpretation, but the more creative the better. Work up your best entries and send them to me a with "Ruined Olympics" in the subject line. Name your files FirstnameLastname.jpg with whatever name you want to be credited by, and I prefer JPG, PNG or GIF files. PSD, PDF, and various other formats will be ignored. I'll post the winning entries in the Gallery of Champions next Tuesday. Get 'shopping!


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Some very real possibilities exist within the realm of Genetics.

Runners running with cheetah speeds, weight lifters who life in the 1000's of pounds, swimmers with larger, flipper like hands/feet...or even gills (the gills is kind of a joke).