Rule the World, Be a Smartypants, and Become a Crime Boss

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There are moments when the stars align and big-name games from multiple developers all go on sale at the same time. The holidays seem to bring out the best in these price-slashing devs. Or they just want to pad their holiday bonus. Who cares! You have GTA II, Civilization Revolution, Trivial Pursuit, and Bejeweled 2 on sale. It's a low-level holiday miracle in today's best app deals.

iOS: Grand Theft Auto 3 - $3

This game has only been out for a few days and it's already on sale? Dammit, they already have my $5. Why didn't I wait?!? Well if you waited, you're in luck. You're going to save $2. You could buy a soda, or candy, or a crappy happy hour draft beer with that cash. The app is the GTA III you've come to know and love. Only, now it's in your pocket. Unless you have an iPad (or huge pockets). Dropped from $5 to $3. [Brand Name Coupons]


iOS: Civilization Revolution - $1

Who doesn't want to rule the world. There's a Tears for Fears song about it. Sid Meier's Civilization has been tapping in to the megalomania of gamers for two decades. Civilization Revolution starts you off as one of 16 civilizations. From there, gamers have four different history paths. All you need to figure out is if you want to called king or emperor. Dropped from $7 to $1. [Appsylum]


iOS: TRIVIAL PURSUIT Master Edition for iPad - $1

Hey smartypants. Yeah you. Prove your smarts with the Trivial Pursuit Master Edition. Actually you don't have to be that smart to play the game. You just have to have a head full of random facts. Place your iPad on the table for friend-losing, family-angering trivia. For fun, play the game by yourself and memorize all the answers. It's not cheating, it's studying. Dropped from $5 to $1. [iTunes]


Android: Bejeweled 2 - $2


You like losing hours of your day? Awesome, because Bejeweled 2 is on sale. The simple get-three-of-the-same-jewels-in-a-row game is what heroin would be like if it had bright colors and was available for download. Go on, download it. You know you want too. Dropped from $3 to $2. [Amazon]