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Rumor: Apple and Dell Buying LED Backlights for 13-Inch MacBook Pros, High-End Ultraportables

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

DigiTimes, our favorite Taiwanese collection of rumor and speculation, is reporting that Kenmos Technology and Nano-Op have both started supplying Dell and Apple with LED backlight units for 12.1-inch and 13.3-inch notebooks, respectively. They add that the shipments are "for high-end models," like the MacBook Pro. 13-inch MacBook Pro, you say?

If you recall, this throws more more wood on recently re-fired up rumors of a tinier MacBook Pro, specifically of the 13-inch persuasion. AppleInsider continues to lobby hard that Steve's "surprise" MacWorld 2008 keynote will be the time and place of the boom—obviously the most likely spot for a debut if the years of rumors and teeth-gnashing anticipation finally pan out. And we hope they do.


Oh, and an ultra-portable, LED-backlit high-end notebook from the newly design-oriented Dell sounds pretty hot, too. [DigiTimes via Apple Insider]