Rumor: First Zune 2.0 Photo?

In light of yesterday's rumors about Zune 2.0, I'd remembered an anon tip that came in two weeks ago along with this puzzling photograph of a Zune with an approximate 16:9 wide screen. (Compare that to ye old Zune 1.0's screen) I dismissed it then, but now, it makes a little more sense with all this talk of a screen covering 75% of the surface. We're not ones to say if its real or fake. The angle at which the photo is taken would make it harder to hack for an amateur Pchopper. But you can see some strange pixelation on the right side of the screen that looks like someone took a retouching tool to it, and there appears to be a seam higher up on the LCD. It's hard to tell at this resolution. The rest of the email verifies last night's rumor, except for the fact that this 16:9 Zune is sized like the HDD Zune. The info gathered by Zune Scene from a Microsoft employee claims that only the flash Zune had the wider screen. Keep those tips coming, friends. We can't report this one without good sources.


And please remember, these are all rumors. Nothing's official until Microsoft says it is. So don't let your hopes go wild. Steady as she goes.

Zune 2 [Gizmodo]

[UPDATE: Great reasoning in the comment thread and verification of this as a fake. Nothing too surprising, but there it is. Check it out.]

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