Rumor: Modu To "Soft Launch" This Wednesday

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The zany modular phone platform known as Modu is allegedly set for a Wednesday launch with a price tag starting around $130.


Unfortunately, Modu founder Dov Moran appears to be backtracking mightily from remarks he made when we first learned about Modu more than a year ago.

If you'll remember, Modu was once billed as a modular phone with dozens of "jackets" that could do everything from GPS to play MP3s. Additional hyperbole included the promise that the phone would be an experience that could turn the "one-size-fits-all" smartphone market "on its ear."

Now, however, Moran is talking only about the low cost, simplistic nature of the modu.

"Don't forget that billions of people are still using 2nd-gen devices and a lot of them don't need much more. People just want a small, light device that's easy to dial and send text messages. If you want an Iphone with a camera that makes coffee and can transform into a kite, and you're ready to pay thousands of Shekels for it - well, you have a big choice to pick from."

Yeah, but wasn't this thing advertised as the phone that could quickly and easily transform into whatever you desired? I kind of got the impression, ironically, that a phone turning into a kite was a Modu trick, not the iPhone. Guess that changed during focus group testing. [Calcalist via Mobo]



In theory, one could just have a few different phones and switch the SIM card. I've heard this is popular with "the Europeans" but I have yet to see one of my friends actually buy a second handset.

It seems like the advantage here is that it would be cheaper to buy additional "jackets" than additional phones. I would love a small phone for going out, a jacket with big screen and buttons for playing a game on the subway and a third jacket with a physical keyboard.

Also, isn't Nokia owning the non-smart phone market now and reaping the 66%-profit-loss rewards of that move? Have at it Modu, sounds like a juicy piece of market share.