Rumor: New iPod Touch Coming In A Few Weeks, Will Have Dual-Cameras And Retina Display

John Gruber of Daring Fireball is prone to casually dropping Apple rumors—which frequently turn out to be true. His latest gem: There's a new iPod Touch coming in a few weeks and it'll have not only dual-cameras, but a gorgeous Retina display as well. [John Gruber via Engadget]

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Damn. I was just at an Apple store for the first time today, and I noticed how it was mostly awesome design to lure people into the hypnotic insanity that is Apple. I heard one of the "geniuses" ask someone, "So, you're checking out the iPad?" And as I looked around, I couldn't help but realize, "Well, duh. Over half the store is the damn iPads."

Anyway, Apple hatred aside, the designs are indeed sexy. Right now I have an iPod Touch and an LG Lotus. I'm soon trading in the phone, but I don't know what for. I really want something capable of AR apps, which really only leaves me with iPhone or an Android phone. But AT&T is also too expensive for me ($50/month compared to my current Sprint bill of about $35-$40).

Considering my current phone has no SIM card, would I be able to unlock an iPhone to continue using my current plan?

Anyway, I only ask because if I can't stick with Sprint, I'd rather get a cheaper phone than an iPhone. I briefly considered the iPod Touch + Cameras, but I don't think I'd spend money on that...not anytime soon, at least.

-IMP ;) :)