Rumor: New MacBook and MacBook Pro Will Look Like Air + iMac

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Just in time for the rumored Oct. 14 MacBook event, AppleInsider has a source (notably without a track record) who's supposedly seen the new MacBook and MacBook Pro. Matching—or perhaps simply using—current speculation, the source says that the two will look like a cross between the MacBook Air and current iMacs, with tapering and black contrast material. Interestingly, it takes long-running rumors of an aluminum MacBook a step further, saying that it'll even look like it's part of the same product family as the MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro is also apparently getting a bit of a port scramble, moving to backwards-compatible FireWire 800 and dropping dual-link DVI in favor of Apple's mini-DVI port, a la the current MacBooks.


Most of Apple Insider's source's info matches up with current speculation, so it could be viewed as part of that stream of info, or more skeptically, as BS rumors have done before, using it. But, the timing for peekage is right, if in fact notebooks are due in a few weeks. Whether we'll indeed see them in a few weeks or later—which would seemingly make this less likely—is up in the air, and there are points to be argued for both.


Still, it seems likely based on everything in aggregate that the new MacBooks will be aluminum, and that we can expect to see some design elements from the Air in the new notebooks, based on Apple's overall design direction, whenever these damn things launch. [AppleInsider]