Rumor: Apple MacBook Event on Oct. 14

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Yesterday's new iPods were lovely and all, but if you're like me, you wanted something more. Like some notebooks. Not to worry, Daring Fireball's John Gruber says according to the standard "sources familiar with Apple's hardware plans" that its "Let's MacBook" event will happen on Oct. 14. While he doesn't get specific what the new hardware will be, the heavily favored are new MacBooks clad in aluminum (peace out white), and new MacBook Pros, both long overdue for an overhaul. Also likely is a gut refresh of the MacBook Air, with a faster processor, and as MacRumors points out, the iPod classic's new 120GB HDD is the same kind used in the Air. An October event also matches up with the date floated for the most pipe dreamy of all MacBook rumors, a MacBook Touch, and Apple's recent warning to retailers to stock up on current inventory. What are you hoping for? [Daring Fireball via MacRumors]


What they need to do is to stop making multiple SKUs of the same product because they are blatant ripoffs to the consumer.

$599 Mac Mini:

1.83 C2D



DVD Read/CD Write

$799 Mac Mini:

2.0 C2D



DVD Write/CD Write

Seriously, that $799 model could be $499, have 250GB HDD and 2 GB of RAM and it STILL would be a ripoff. Cut down the SKUs (just gimme one aluminum 13" Macbook and get rid of the white and black Macbooks and trash the damn Air) and cut down the prices and up the the specs. Pure and simple.