Toshiba's 1.8-Inch 120GB and 240GB Drives Appear (Uh, Where's the 240GB iPod?)

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Today, right after Steve J. rolled out a "thin" 120GB iPod classic, Toshiba announced its 120GB 4200rpm 1.8" drive, a new high for that slimmer single-platter config. Everybody knows that's the drive for classic iPods. But Toshiba also showed off a fatter 240GB that would fit snugly in the spot where that 160GB drive fits in today's classics. So, tell us, Toshiba or Apple, where's the damn 240GB classic? What good is the classic line if it isn't the most storage you can get? [Press Release]

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It's also possible that not that many people were buying the 160GB iPods. And, with the far greater success of the nano, and healthier sales of even the lowest capacity iPod touch models, maybe there isn't as much incentive to offer those big HD-based players after all. Granted, I'm one of those carry-everything people, but I also think that carry-everything people are greatly outnumbered.