New MacBook Pro Revealed?

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T-Systems (owned by Deutsche Telekom like T-Mobile, but not like Mr. T) is apparently selling a very interesting MacBook Pro. All the specs are exactly the same as the current gen. But does that look like a MacBook Pro you've ever seen? The "safe" explanation is that it's just a mock/mix-up. The other possibility, that's teeming with, uh, possibilities, is that we're looking at a bit of the future that's slipped into the present. Besides the black and aluminum styling that matches Apple's style du jour, our superzoom technology below appears to show a trackpad that's much wider relative to the body, like the MacBook Air. Update: Fakeness confirmed (like you didn't already know it in your heart).

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Of course, it could just be a big ol' splotch of splotchiness, but it would fall in line with moving everything to a semi-consistent design, and would be incredibly helpful with more involved multitouch input.

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And here's the top, all up close—notice there's no iSight camera. This is all most likely reading way too much into nothing, but the whole thing is odd—where did they get the picture and why are they running it? If you know something, let us know. [T-Systems via Engadget]


I will buy this. And anyone complaining about the black bezel is smoking crack laced with meth, because it's functionally superior to a recessed screen in aluminum.

Easier to clean, easier to see the screen(now that the bezel is black), and one step in the direction of our no bezel futures.

I question the photo though because of where the aluminum meets the bezel; it's rather thin and looks like it could be executed better.