Rumor: New UMD-Less PSP Hardware to Launch At E3, Christened "PSP Go!"

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We've heard rumblings of a new PSP sans UMD in the past, and sources have now confirmed the rumor and added a date of announcement: E3, merely a month away.

1Up's sources claim the new PSP hardware will adopt the moniker "PSP Go!," and yes, that exclamation mark is correct. They further claim the PSP Go! will boast 8GB or 16GB of internal storage, because the handheld will be doing away with Sony's UMD format in favor of downloadable games. More details:

- There will not be an added joystick (sorry shooter fans), but the controls will slide out from under the screen (see the mockup above)
- It will launch in September in Japan and late October or early November in the States
- The system will be unveiled at E3, which falls June 2-4 of this year


As always, Sony refuses to comment on these rumors, but they're not implausible, seeing as how they line up so nicely with what we've heard before. [1Up via Kotaku]