Illustration for article titled Rumor: Palm Pre to Drop on May 17 or June 29, According to Sprint Leaks?

Phone News is citing (without sharing) "internal memos circulating within Sprint Retail Stores" that suggest two potential launch windows for the Palm Pre, depending on shipping efficiencies. Sprint employees can also kiss May vacations goodbye.

The two-windowed launch is supposedly there to ensure retail stocks are sufficient before the "go for launch" order is handed down; shipments to retail stores will begin later this month, according to the rumor, and if enough stock is built up, launch will happen May 17. June 29 is plan B if retail stock is not ready to go in May.


Sprint retail employees have also been barred from taking any vacation time in May, which is apparently not SOP. These dates coincide with what we've heard before, and are coming up soon. As always, we shall see. [Phone News]

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