Illustration for article titled Rumor: Refreshed, Faster iMacs in a Few Weeks

If you're not interested new Macbooks, but are eyeballing zoomier iMacs, it looks like you'll get your wish sometime in the next four weeks, barring any problems, says AppleInsider. It'll be new guts though, not a new house. Here's what to expect: faster processors (maybe even a quad-core), a new chipset (though whether it'll use the MacBooks' GeForce 9400M or Montevina is up in the air), probably a complete move to discrete Nvidia graphics (the current baseline models use ATI cards with an Nvidia GeForce 8800GT as an option) and Mini DisplayPort, since Apple said it would be on their entire lineup. Hey, maybe they'll kill FireWire like on the MacBooks too. Kidding! Hopefully. Whenever it happens, like the last iMac refresh, it'll be a quiet deal. [AppleInsider]


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