Rumor Smashed: Dell Still Stocks AMD-Based Computers Online

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Only one consumer desktop—the Energy Star 4.0 Inspiron 531, but still a smattering of business wares, from notebooks to servers. [Dell]



Nah, you been to Best Buy lately? You'll see a lot of Turions in addition to the generic Centrinos. I really hate that name. It's worse than Celeron. I just got a Dell Latitude D630 w/2.4GHz Core 2 Duo and it came with a "Centrino" label. What is that supposed to mean exactly? That its got wireless out the kazoo? Doesn't every laptop made nowadays come with wireless?

The coolest part about the laptop is the "n series" label though. In lieu of a "Windows XP/Vista/Waste of Money" label. Dell, you see, will sell you a computer with a blank hard drive. Too bad only certain models are available like that...

Dell has whole lines of servers dedicated to "efficiency" that feature AMD processors. I don't quite see the point, the Core 2 architecture is pretty efficient already. Plus in servers you've got much more stuff to hog power, like huge RAID arrays, redundant power supplies, and super-loud fans. Mmm, RAID.