Rumor Smashed: iTunes Card NOT Free With Zune

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Yesterday we posted a Weird Combo of the Day that offered a $15 iTunes card free with the purchase of a Zune. Later, we even had a "tip" from a CompUSA "employee" with a "screenshot" of an internal "memo" referencing the "incident" about the "deal" and yes I like "quotes".

Zune Insider followed up on the rumor.

I talked to the retail team; this is a hoax. The actual ad that ran offered a $15 iTunes gift card with the purchase of an iPod, and free Zune Premium Earphones w/ the purchase of a Zune... Funny while it lasted, though!


Yeah, it really was. But for now, RUMOR (...that we sorta helped start) SMASHED!

UPDATE: Ok...maybe it wasn't smashed. I don't know what to believe anymore But I'm gonna sleep alright tonight nonetheless.

DELETED: Zune Retail Humor [zuneinsider]

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Way it goes. Most of the time —- well, some times — well, maybe never — okay, let's face it, the rumors are never correct. But, they make for fun reading. If we did not have these rumors, would we be addicted to this web site? Heck, no. Keep those rumors coming, photoshopped CompUSA ads and all. It is fun reading when they are first posted, and even more fun when the retraction comes in later.