Yesterday we posted a Weird Combo of the Day that offered a $15 iTunes card free with the purchase of a Zune. Later, we even had a "tip" from a CompUSA "employee" with a "screenshot" of an internal "memo" referencing the "incident" about the "deal" and yes I like "quotes".


Zune Insider followed up on the rumor.

I talked to the retail team; this is a hoax. The actual ad that ran offered a $15 iTunes gift card with the purchase of an iPod, and free Zune Premium Earphones w/ the purchase of a Zune... Funny while it lasted, though!

Yeah, it really was. But for now, RUMOR (...that we sorta helped start) SMASHED!


UPDATE: Ok...maybe it wasn't smashed. I don't know what to believe anymore But I'm gonna sleep alright tonight nonetheless.

DELETED: Zune Retail Humor [zuneinsider]