Weird Combo of the Day: iTunes Card Free With Zune

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Hey, this looks like a great deal from CompUSA in Spokane: Buy a Microsoft Zune and you get a free $15 iTunes gift card. Wait a minute. iTunes? Zune? What's wrong with this picture? Note to CompUSA Corporate: iTunes songs won't play on a Zune.


However, you could download those songs from iTunes, burn them to a CD, then rip them. Finally, you could play them on the Zune. But that would be illegal.

CompUSA knows how to sell Zunes! (LOL) [MacRumors Forums] (Thanks, JC!)


How is it illegal to buy songs from iTunes, burn them, and re-encode them? The iTunes TOS explicitly allows you to burn music (not video), and as far as I can read, you're only subject to standard copyright law beyond that.

Granted, audio quality will suffer, for audiophiles, but there's nothing illegal about buying a song from iTunes, burning it, ripping it, and using it on Zune, unless Microsoft has placed restrictions on imported music.

(iTunes TOS:… )