Rumor: Sony's PlayStation Home to be Achievements + Miis

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Hoping to take great ideas from the both the Xbox 360 and the Wii, Sony's planning to introduce a new PS3 feature called PlayStation Home. This new app/feature is rumored to be a blend of Microsoft's achievements and Nintendo's Miis. How does it work?


Well, the PlayStation Home is a little virtual home in which the avatar you make (your Pii?) will live. When you complete a game, it'll award you with a little trophy or toy to place in your home that your avatar can interact with. Not only that, they're planning to make your avatar social—like MySpace—and have it interact with other people's avatars.

All of this is rumored still, but Sony seems to be doing something big next week at GDC. We're willing to be that this is it.


Rumor: Sony To Unveil PlayStation Home [Kotaku]

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So let me get this straight: Sony's "Next Gen" plan for their PS3 is to imitate the competitor consoles' features and integrate it into its own.

So if I take the turkey from a turkey sandwich, and take the bacon from a BLT sandwich and make my Turkey Bacon Sandwich, I can claim my sandwich "Next Gen"... Wow... Simply amazing. (Oh wait, isn't that a turkey club?)