Rumor: Touchscreen iPod Before Christmas?

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

We're still disappointed Apple didn't roll out its touchscreen iPod last week, and so we're doubly interested in any rumors having to do with the unpredictable release of the phantom product. Now tongues are wagging at Think Secret that the touchscreen trinket might find its way to the market before this Christmas. An unconfirmed source says Apple is "committing significant sources to completing the final spec," and that it may enter manufacturing by late October. Could happen; seems like that $349 price point for the 80GB iPod leaves room at the top for a flagship.

That got us to thinking about how many times we've mentioned this nonexistent touchscreen product, and we realized that our own secret source told us the touchscreen iPod would be available this November. Wasn't it just a week ago when we thought we saw a video iPod on the banner for the Showtime event? Are we frickin' seeing things? When we heard early rumblings about the touchscreen iPod, not long after we found patent documentation that added credence to the rumors. But then the rumor mill had it on-again, off-again.


There's even more, but enough already, you get the idea. Let's get off the roller coaster—somebody show us some real pictures. Until then, that pretty-cool fake graphic above will just have to do.

Touch-screen iPod in time for Christmas? [ThinkSecret]

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I think we can thank the Zune for indirectly setting back the release of this widescreen iPod. I think Apple decided that a slightly upgraded version of their current gen iPod was good enough to hold off the onslaught of the Zune for this Christmas season and then they would have the ultimate iPod next year when MS releases their next-gen Zune model(s). This is all strategy here and I think an excellent one at that.