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Rumored Samsung 6.5mm HDTV Prototype Could Be Thinnest LCD TV Yet

Illustration for article titled Rumored Samsung 6.5mm HDTV Prototype Could Be Thinnest LCD TV Yet

PC World is reporting today that Samsung has managed to cram an LED backlit HDTV into a housing that's no more than 6.5mm thick. Don't sneeze or breathe too hard around this one.


We've previously covered the Samsung HDTV sets that are scheduled to make an appearance in 2009, but this super svelte one wasn't on the list, meaning it's most likely prototype fodder for the "thinnest HDTV" category that will surely get an exercise at CES 2009 this week.


The current record holder for thinnest HDTV is Philips with its 8mm prototype LCD, which was shown in Berlin last year at the IFA electronics show. Sony, on the other hand, takes the prize for having the thinnest retail television, a 9.9mm set that's already on store shelves. For more on the thinnest of the thin and their insane asking prices, check out Wilson's review of the top three on the market today. Of course, there's always the XEL-1 OLED set from Sony, at 3mm, if these are too thick for you.

Note: Pic is NOT of the rumored Samsung HDTV. [PC World]

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Samir Jain

I don't get why people want such thinner TVs.

Isn't it more about the QUALITY of the TV rather than the width?