Runt Stun Gun Looks Like Pager, Stings Like Taser

Illustration for article titled Runt Stun Gun Looks Like Pager, Stings Like Taser

Worried about getting jumped by weirdoes? The 3.25" Runt might be the best stun gun for the money. At least, it sounds pretty cheap: $40 will get you 350,000 volts of juice from this plug-in-the-wall pager lookalike; $10 more gets you 650,000 volts, and $20 gets you a 950,000- volt model. (For a vague idea of what the 950,000-volt model will do to you, have a look at the idiot kids in the video after the jump.)


Even if you never get to use it on a real assailant, it feels good to click an e-commerce button that says "Add to Cart and Choose Voltage"—that is, assuming you don't live in New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Illinois, New Jersey or the cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia or Washington, DC. [TBO Tech via BBGadgets]



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