Russian Theater Blocks Cellphone Signals

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We've been bouncing around the idea of a theater cellphone ban for some time now, but it is good to see an actual theater in Russia going through with it. The expensive devices were installed in Russia's oldest theater recently. Over here in the states it's not so easy for this to happen. No matter how many warning and ads are before a movie requesting cellphones to be turned off, a few still manage to go off throughout the show. I'm all for using devices to hinder a cellphone connection, but the FCC—not so much. What if Joe Blow's crackwhore wife overdoses again while he is watching Dukes of Hazard? How would he ever know and be able to get her to the hospital on time? Anyway, hit the poll below and let us know what you think of a cellphone ban in theaters of all types.


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Sssh!! Russia's oldest theater hushes mobile phones [Reuters]

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I am not certain where this mentality came from that we need to be reachable 24/7. Yes, there are people that are 'on call', but why the heck would anyone that is on call be sitting in a movie theatre? If you are that important, you are too important to be watching a movie.

Personally, I think our society has gotten too attached to these devices. It needs to be acceptable to disconnect somewhere, and a movie theatre seems as good a place as any. If the technology is there to force that disconnection (and, clearly the technology is not the issue), then we should do it.