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This Sacrowedgy is totally different from the wedgies we received in elementary school, junior high, high school, through parts of college, that one time at grad school, and last week from Charlie—but in a good way. The Sacrowedgy helps your muscles relax and reduces back, hip and knee pain, just by lying on it.

The device goes under the sacrum to relieve and control the sciatica by " giving the piriformis muscle a chance to relax, rebalance and release the sciatic nerve". People with back pain know how painful it can be, hurting like a biatch whenever you sit up, lie down, walk, shower, poop, or do anything. If a $16 device ($192 for a batch of 6 male and 6 female units) can relieve pain, we'll be all over it. As soon as we can get up off this damn chair.


Product Page [Sacrowedgy via Medgadget]

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