Sam Raimi Could Have Rebooted Star Trek

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Can you even imagine a Star Trek reboot without all the lens flares? Maybe, if Sam Raimi had taken the director's chair when he was offered it. Meanwhile, J.J. Abrams addresses those rumors that Jack Black will play Harry Mudd.

Way back when the mere idea for a new Star Trek film couldn't find a home, director Sam Raimi was offered the movie, and he declined. We have no idea why he passed, but I'm really curious just how colorful and weird a Raimi Star Trek would be. I'm willing to bet the bridge alone would have been entirely different.


And in other Star Trek news, rumors have been circulating that JJ Abrams wants Jack Black to play the rapscallion Harcourt Fenton Mudd in his second Trek movie.

Abrams refuted the rumor over at AICN writing:

"Yes, talking to Jack Black about doing something — but not Mudd." Abrams and revealed that, "Bryan, Damon, Alex and Bob and I have not had MEETING ONE about a sequel."


While we like Jack Black here and there, we're awfully relieved — because we just don't think he could have pulled it off.