Sam Raimi directing a Day of the Triffids remake?

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A new Day of the Triffids movie sounds like a dreadful idea — unless it's true that Sam Raimi is directing. Raimi and Mandate Pictures paid seven figures for the film rights, so it sounds like he's serious about this.

According to Deadline, Raimi is really eager to direct this remake, because the original film was one of his favorite movies as a boy. Mandate won a bidding war for the film rights, along with Raimi and Rob Tapert. Also producing the film: Angry Films, which is also doing films of At The Mountains Of Madness and Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy novels.

For those of you who've missed Triffids in its many forms, this is one of the all-time classic post-apocalyptic stories. A meteorite shower passes overhead, and it's such a beautiful sight that almost everyone on Earth stops to watch — only to wake up blind the next day. A blinded human race is easy prey for the Triffids, intelligent carnivorous plants that quickly take over.


Want to check it out, but can't wait for Raimi's version? John Wyndham's original novel is still amazing. But I also highly recommend the 1981 BBC miniseries, rather than the more recent TV version with Eddie Izzard, which was disappointing to say the least. Check out the classic 1981 version, which may be slightly dated but still brings the chills: