The Titan Could Be The Next Big Military Science Fiction Film

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There aren’t a lot of great military science fiction films out there, but an upcoming film could change that: The Titan is about to enter production in early 2016, and Deadline has reported that Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Ruth Wilson (The Affair and Luther) have signed on to star.

The film, to be directed by newcomer director Lennart Ruff, is set to start production in mid-January 2016 in Europe, and follow a military family in the near future “who are relocated in order to take part in a ground-breaking experiment of man’s genetic evolution into space”. The film, written by Arash Amel, “is, at its core, a love story that is set in the pioneering edge of space exploration, a world of fear and wonder,”.


This brief description has us intrigued: soldiers going off into space is always a good way to start off a film, and a story that looks at how people adapt to space at the edge of the map has the makings to be a really intriguing narrative. Hopefully, we’ll get the next Edge Of Tomorrow before too long.


Image credit: AP Images