Samsung 16GB Flash Drive for Sale?

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Something's a bit fishy about this, so we'll put it in the "rumors and conjecture" category, but we heard about Samsung showing off a 16GB solid-state drive a year ago, but haven't heard of any for sale yet. Until now. We got a tip about website DV Nation offering the flash memory-based hard drive for "special order." The drive has a 2.5-inch laptop form factor and also includes a 3.5" adapter for desktop computers.


According to the listed specs, about the only downside is its relatively slow 8MBps read and 6MBps write speed. If this is real, the drive will sell for $1999. We're skeptical, though, because when we clicked on the "Order" link, it comes up empty—alas, it says the drive is a special order with a four-to-six week lead time. See for yourself. But the idea of a cool, quiet solid-state hard drive replacing a spinning disk is tantalizing, isn't it?

Samsung 16GB SSD Solid State Hard Drive [DV Nation] Thanks, Steve!