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Samsung Beats Motorola for Number Two Cellphone Ranking Spot

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For the first time ever, Samsung has kicked Motorola out of the second position in the worldwide cellphone manufacturers ranking. Dropping its market share from 22.1% to 13%, this ends four years of Motorola being #2 behind Nokia. Comparing their handsets, the only thing that surprises us is that they didn't overtake them at least a year ago. How was it for the rest, including Apple?

On a total of 272.7 million cellphones shipped worldwide during the second quarter ending June 30 2007, the breakdown goes as follows:

• Nokia: 37% (33.4% Q2 2006)
• Samsung: 13.7% (10.7% Q2 2006)
• Motorola: 13% (22.1% Q2 2006)
• Sony Ericsson: 9.1% (6.7% Q2 2006)
• LG: 7% (6.4% Q2 2006)


Apple scored a 0.1% in the last weekend of Q2, so apparently everyone went up except Motorola. [Techlogg - Thanks Techluvver]