Samsung Blue Earth Phone: Solar Powered and Made from Water Bottes

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On one hand, Samsung's upcoming Blue Earth smartphone is obnoxiously eco-hip. On the other, it resembles the Palm Pre and can run off sunlight.

While the Blue Earth features a gorgeously rendered touch screen front, the entire back is covered with a solar panel. Samsung claims this panel produces enough electricity to place a call any time you want—which is a little tough to believe, given the battery draw of a touchscreen. (To counter these energy shortages, the phone includes an Eco Mode, which attenuates screen brightness while deactivating Bluetooth.)

Even if solar power isn't your thing (you Hummer driving, baby suffocating, evil doer), most of the phone is constructed from PCM, a plastic extracted from recycled water bottles. And there's a built-in pedometer that tells you how many trees you are saving by walking instead of driving (that part may sound made up but it is not).


We have no more specifics at this time, but the Blue Earth should be available in the UK during the second half of '09. [Pocket-lint]