Samsung F-Series Big Zoom Camcorders Have Precisely 52x of Optical Zoomy

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The one thing Samsung's F-Series have going for them? Zoom. So much zoom. Not just 52x of optical zoom, but to 65x with Intelli-zoom, which is apparently better than regular digital zoom, thanks to "oversized" image sensors.


New SMX-F40, SMX-F43, and SMX-F44 Offer Extended Battery Life and 65x Intelli-Zoom

Las Vegas, NV (January 6, 2010) – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and awardwinning innovator in consumer electronics, today extended its popular F-Series of compact digital camcorders with the addition of three new ultra-zoom, YouTube™ compatible models, the SMX-F40, SMX-F43, and SMX-F44. Building on the success of the company's highlypopular SMXF34 camcorder, the next-generation F-Series offers users additional features and functionality, including extended battery life and Samsung's 65x IntelliZoom. With the new Samsung SMX-F40, SMX-F43 and SMX-F44, consumers will be able to go the distance and never miss a moment of the action. The SMX-F40, SMX-F43 and SMX-F44 will be on display during the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 7-10, 2010, in the Samsung booth #11026 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.
"In designing the new models in the F-Series of camcorders, we started by taking everything that was great about their predecessors and making it even better," said Mr. SangRyong Kim, Senior Vice President of Camcorder Team, Samsung Electronics. "We then went on to add a host of new features and functionalities that make the camcorders even more intuitive and easy to use. The F-Series can truly be used by anyone, anywhere and at any time."

Capture Every Moment of the Action
Preserving every special memory is easy, thanks to the extended battery life and built-in memory of the SMX-F43 and SMX-F44. The camcorders provide users with over four hours and 10 minutes of battery life on a single charge. When combined with the use of H.264 compression, consumers can store up to six hours and 20 minutes of video per every 16GB of internal memory.

Impressive Video Quality
Showcasing further innovation, Samsung's three new F-Series camcorders offer an incredible 65x Intelli-Zoom lens (52x optical zoom), which allows users to bring distant images into focus and zoom closer to the action from further away. Samsung's Intelli-Zoom is significantly more reliable than a standard digital zoom, allowing users to go beyond the camcorders' 52x optical zooms without sacrificing image quality. The F-Series camcorders also provide enhanced image quality, thanks to their high-performance 1/6" CCD sensors. These over-sized sensors set the SMX-F40, SMX-F43, and SMX-F44 apart from other camcorders in their class and enable users to enjoy higher-quality video.

Smart Features for Shooting, Editing, and Sharing
The SMX-F40, SMX-F43 and SMX-F44 come equipped with Samsung's play-edit-sharing program called intellistudio 2.0. The on-board intelli-studio software provides unprecedented freedom and flexibility, allowing users to view, edit and upload content to the web from any PC anywhere in the world. Connecting to a computer via the supplied USB cable not only enables users to edit and play a video without having to install supporting software, but also automatically charges the camcorder as well. The built-in intelli-studio software also helps simplify the way users upload and share their footage using today's popular video sharing and social networking web sites.
Users can be confident that their videos won't be washed out, too dark or out of focus with the help of the F-Series camcorders' Smart Auto feature. Smart Auto analyzes key elements of a scene's composition such as color, brightness, motion and subject and then automatically selects the appropriate scene mode which will produce the best results possible. The SMX-F40, SMX-F43 and SMX-F44 offer eight different scene modes including night, white, indoor, macro, landscape, portrait, night portrait, and auto. Samsung's three new F-Series camcorders also come equipped with face detection which automatically recognizes up to five faces and adjusts settings to ensure that each is properly within focus.
Samsung also enhances the video recording experience for end-users thanks to unique features such as time lapse recording and animated thumbnails. Time lapse recording allows users to program the camcorder to record at a pre-set interval of one image every one, three, five, 10, 15 or 30 seconds. Time lapse recording is especially useful for condensing extremely long events, such as rolling clouds on a sunny day, into a short, easyto-view video.
Samsung's animated thumbnail feature simplifies the way users search for video clips on the SMX-F40, SMX-F43 and SMX-F44. Each video clip saved on the camcorder is represented by a small thumbnail on the LCD screen. When scrolling through one's videos, each thumbnail will provide a short playback of the video file when highlighted by the user allowing them to quickly preview each clip without having to view the entire shot.
The F-Series camcorders also feature a dedicated Photo mode which allows consumers to use the camcorder as a digital camera, snapping 1.9 mega-pixel still images with 1600x1200 resolution.

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The Summer of George

Why is zoom a feature? Is it for stalkers? I never use it or have a need for it. Increased FOV would be much more useful (filming in car, in the house, office, outdoors for a more panoramic shot, etc).