Samsung Fires First Shots in Flat-Panel Price War

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An alert AVS forum member posted a cryptic note entitled "Samsung first to lower prices!" I wondered if maybe the member wasn't referring to the Dealzmodo-tastic flat-panel price war that HD Guru Gary Merson predicted. Sure enough, when I cross checked Samsung's most recent MAP pricing on the 5 Series LCDs (a.k.a. 550) with their list prices on Best Buy's website, I could totally spot the $200 price drops that were discussed on AVS. But if the price war is really on, other prices will be dropping. I am only one man, while you, dear readers, are the Giz army—if you spot any other noteworthy MAP or MSRP price drops on TVs now or in the coming days, comment here, or send a note to our tips line. I smell blood, but unlike on Alien Vs. Predator, no matter who wins this war, humanity wins too. [AVS Forum; Best Buy]


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@Hvedhrungr: owning a TV is restraining? If anything its more freedom, since I have the freedom to turn it off and read a book, and the freedom to turn it on and watch it.

You DONT have the freedom to turn the TV on in your living room and watch it.