Dealzmodo Ahoy: HDTVs Will Get Stupid Cheap Next Month

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According to HD Guru, Sony's not content with its less-than-number-one status in flat panels, so it's planning to claw its way back into consumers' hearts with deep price cuts on all of its 2008 models next month. The other guys, like Samsung, LG and Sharp, are already planning their own price war counter-attacks. And then, in reaction to the wave of cheap LCDs, plasma dudes like Panasonic (check our quick and dirty guide to plasmas) will prolly be doing their own slashing. Conclusion: Wait till May to buy an HDTV, 'cause it'll be mucho cheaper.


To give you an idea of how much you might save, for instance, Sony's cutting $400 off its 46-inch KDL-46S4100, to $1599, and $500 off its newest 1080p 40-incher, to $1199. So we're looking at discounts in the 20-25 percent range, which is none too shabby, and definitely worth holding off for a couple weeks on your Best Buy TV hunting expedition. [HD Guru]



@monkeyrotica: Apparently you can get $100 off a PS3 by signing up for a Sony Visa card and purchasing a PS3 with it. So, ~$300 for a PS3, or only $50 more than a Wii. Of course, it might only be used for playing BR movies, but at that price it is probably worth it.