Samsung G810 Adds Wi-Fi, Aims For Nokia N95

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How do you improve on the Samsung G800, a 5-megapixel 3.5G camera phone with a 3x optical zoom lens? You add Wi-Fi, of course, and while you're at it, you make the LCD screen 0.2" larger, so that it's now a spacious 2.6". If the G810 is really going to take on Nokia's N95 multimedia powerhouse, it will have to improve the camera's picture quality too. When Samsung sent us one of the Europe-only phones to check out, we never reviewed it because of how quickly put off we were by the poor camera results. And that's in spite of the G800's official slogan: "Photographer's Choice." Here's to hoping! [Unwired View]


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To say the least, it's not as sexy as an iphone, and frankly, photographers aren't going to choose a phone over even a basic point-and-shoot ELPH. Until the feature set improves, and the picture quality - the photographer's choice is to not use a camera phone.