Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and 5 Now Grabbable Stateside

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So, you really like those Samsung Galaxy S phones, except oh man you hate phones! You're allergic to wireless networks! Well, lucky you, as of today you can get the Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and 5 here in the USA.


Basically what you've got here is a pretty snazzy portable music player (PMP) that runs Android Gingerbread. Best Buy has the four-inch Galaxy Player 4.0 for $230, and the five-inch Galaxy Player 5.0 for $270. Both come with 8GB onboard storage (expandable with up to a 32GB microSD card). The 5 has a 2,500mAh battery, to the 4's 1,200mAh. They both have front and rear facing cameras which record video in 720p, and both have 1GHz processors. You can check out our hands-on report here.

Basically, they're Android equivalents of the iPod Touch. With the holidays coming soon, these could potentially make nice gifts for someone who doesn't have (or want to have) a smartphone, or someone who's interested in Android, but isn't willing to jump all the way in just yet. Personally, I think PMPs are a dying breed, but here's proof that they ain't dead yet. [MobileBurn via Engadget]

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They really should have considered matching the iPod Touch's price tag with the cheaper model. It's only a $30 difference, but that's going to make it a tough sell to holiday shoppers.