Samsung GX-10 DSLR Shakes Off Dust, Steadies Shots

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Samsung just dropped the word on the GX-10, a digital SLR that updates their GX-1 and joins the ranks of 10 megapixel shooters like the Canon Rebel XTi and the Pentax K10. Like the Pentax and Rebel XTi, it shakes dust off of its sensor with high frequency vibrations. But only the Pentax and this Samsung use mechanical image stabilization in the body, so you don't need special lenses to shoot straight. The camera can even convert RAW images to JPGs internally. The camera's back has a 2.5-inch LCD, the body is sealed against moisture and dirt, and this camera uses a Pentax type mounting system, which makes us wonder if it's built on the same base as that K10. Available in October.

More pictures below.


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