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We took the Samsung HL-S5679W 56" rear screen projection TV for a spin at Consumer Electronics Net, and we were highly impressed with its stellar performance, especially for its cheap-ass price of $3300.

The real innovation is its approach to illumination, using three LEDs instead of a conventional mercury arc bulb. The company calls this photonic lattice technology, or Phlatlight, and it pumps out some serious brightness and expansive color that is almost too vivid. Plus, that lighting technique is more energy-efficient, giving you 20,000 hours of lamp life.


And then there's the matter of its 1080p performance, giving us some crispy-sharp video. In fact, its resolution was so high that it showed us every deficiency in the sources we plugged into it. Get yourself some high-end 1080p sources if you want to get the most out of this Samsung HL-S5679W rear-projection HDTV, but then, at $3300, you'll probably have plenty of money left over to do so. Highly recommended.

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