Samsung i300 Wins FCC Approval

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The FCC has just granted approval to the Samsung i300, a 3 GB HDD mobile phone that can also act as a removable hard drive. Running on Windows Mobile OS, it can hold something like 1,000 music files, which we believe may be the (or one of the) largest capacity smartphones on the market. The stereo speakers, promising 3D sound, make this a good travel companion. The i300 also includes the obligatory 1.3 megapixel camera (we'd hoped for 2.0 with something this advanced) and extended storage by adding a micro-SD card. Add in Bluetooth, IrDA and USB 2.0 and you've got somethin' special. No word on availability here in US yet, but will debut in Europe by 3rd quarter.

Samsung i300 featuring 3 GB hard drive was approved by FCC [Phone Arena]


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