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Samsung Is Building 1,400 Retail Stores Inside Best Buys

Illustration for article titled Samsung Is Building 1,400 Retail Stores Inside Best Buys

In a bid to compete more directly with Apple, Samsung has announced that in the coming months it will open 1,400 Samsung Experience shops within Best Buy stores around the US.


Following an agreement made by Sammy and Best Buy in December, the venture will see 900 stores open across the country by May, with many of the stores opening for business as soon as this month. It's hoped that the entire project will be rolled out by the end of June, reports All Things D.

It's that kind of speed and scale which prompted Samsung to abandon initial plans of opening its own chain of stores, instead joining forces with Best Buy. While it might not carry the same prestige as a Samsung-only store, the ease of roll-out makes up for it. And, as Ketrina Dunagan, the Samsung VP heading the retail effort, explains, "seventy percent of consumers live within 10 miles of a Best Buy."


So, what can you expect to see when you get there? Depending on the store, between two and four tables of Samsung tablets, phones, cameras and laptops, plus a wall of accessories and a help desk. The stores will be manned by Best Buy employees, along with specialist Samsung hires who will be able help with some, but not all, hardware and software issues.

In essence, then, they'll be like Apple Store-lites, offering a similar, but scaled-down, version of the services that Jobs and co currently offer. But for a first dabble in the world of physical retails, perhaps that's no bad thing. [All Things D]

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Considering Samsung has its hands in a whole lot more industries than just tablets, phones, and computers, I wonder exactly what they will be putting in their showroom. I mean, Samsung is in every corner of the store, except for Video game consoles.

Honestly, this is disappointing to me. One thing I HATE about the "Apple shrine" within Best Buy and other stores is that it goes with Apple's snobby logic that they don't compete directly with their counterparts (elsewhere in the store). You will never walk into a tech store and see an iPad side-by-side with any other brand, same goes with all other products Apple sells.

I like to compare products side-by-side. Even if I have some brand bias, at times, I wouldn't want to shop for a TV or a Camera by walking all the way over to the Panasonic department, have a rep try to sell me a Panasonic kitchen appliance, tell them I'll think about the TV THEY want me to buy, as I proceed to walk over to the Samsung dealership, repeat the same car salesman routine, walk over to the Sony dealership, etc.